Turn Great Into Wow – 7 Mobile Apps For The Photo Enthusiast


You love your photos and you love taking photos.  To you they are more than just pics of your family and friends.  To you they are art.  They are an expression of you, of your emotions, of the moment.  However, taking a good pic is only part of creating a great photograph.  You need the tools to turn that pic from great looking to something that makes people say ‘wow’.

If want more from your photographs then here are some great mobile apps that you can use to turn ‘great’ into ‘wow’

1. Afterlight:



Afterlight is best known for its vintage inspired filters and editing tools. There is no secondary camera functionality built in to Afterlight, so you have to pull photos you have already taken from your camera roll. No matter though, as the editing options available to you will quickly transform your photos from a humdrum scene into a noir masterpiece.

    2. Instagram:


This may seem like an obvious choice as Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps on the market. The newest updates allow for much more precise editing of photos. While it is no Photoshop, it can hold its own when it comes to creating beautiful snapshots.  It contains a built-in camera that allows you to crop your photo for the perfect fit, as well as filters and editing tools for refining your photos. Instagram also allows you to privatize or publicize your account, and choose who (and who doesn’t) follow you.

3. VSCO Cam:


VSCO Cam is gaining tons of popularity amongst photographers as the go-to editing app. It is comprised of tons of advanced filters to enhance your images (like exposure, temperature, and contrast), and has basic filters to choose from as well. VSCO allows you to upload all your photos to your own page on VSCO Grid, which has the option for copywriting your photos.   Some are calling it a “high-end” Instagram. We will leave it to you to decide.

4. Photo Editor by Aviary:


Photo Editor by Aviary is considered as a ‘catch-all’ photo-editing app. It applies filters, touches up imperfections, whitens teeth, and gets rid of red-eye. Although it isn’t as sophisticated as some of the other editing apps, it’s good for an on-the-go editing approach.

5. Adobe Photoshop Touch:

Photoshop touch

If you’re an experienced Photoshop user, then Photoshop Touch will be a breeze for you to pick up. If not – good luck. This app is $9.99 in the app store, and is extremely advanced in its editing selections. You can play around with layers, textures, and make adjustments as if you were using Photoshop on your computer. You can even sync your work to between your iPad and desktop. Definitely a solid choice for prosumers, or photographers who are on the go and have heavy workloads.

6. Qnext:

Qnext photo filesharing

Qnext is a fantastic tool for filesharing your photos at a high resolution, without compromising quality. The app does not compress files and shares at their original resolution. You can share files of any size – not matter how big or how small – without uploading to the cloud. This is very handy for ensuring security in transit and for saving on file transfer/hosting costs. It allows you to remotely access computers and storage locations as well, so by adding Qnext onto all your electronic devices; you can access your photos at any time, from anywhere.

7. Camera+:


Going for $1.99 in the app store, Camera+ is worth every penny. It has an amazing built-in camera that allows you to stabilize images, as well as a ‘one-tap’ feature for locking edits such as exposure (which you can adjust based on lighting changes), focus, and white balance. Camera+ also has great post-editing tools such as shadows, contrast, highlights, and more.

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