Features Of The Top 6 Best Safari Camera For An African Safari

Going on an African safari is often a once in a lifetime trip for many people. Therefore, anyone that has booked such a safari needs to ensure that they take one of the best cameras they can afford with them so that they can take high-quality photographs and videos to remember their adventure. So, in this article, we are going to briefly detail some of the features you should be looking out for in the top 6 best safari cameras for an African safari.

To start with, good optical zoom features are important when it comes to photographing wildlife. You need to be able to zoom in and out depending on the size of the animal and the distance it is away from you. You will probably have to stay quite a long distance away from the dangerous animals, such as the lions, so you need good zooming capabilities.

Long battery life or an interchange battery is an important feature of any good safari camera. You don’t know how long it will be until you can reach a mains electricity supply to recharge the battery, as even in international hotels, there are many power outages in Africa. If you buy a camera that has an easy to remove rechargeable battery, you could consider buying a few spares and taking a few fully-charged spares on your adventure. That way, you can be sure you will not run out of power when the action starts. Often you have to wait hours to see the most exciting animals.

Wide range operating temperature is also very important. Africa can be very, very hot and many electrical equipment starts to malfunction or overheat and power-off when the temperature get too high. This means you need to select a camera that is designed to work in extreme conditions. You shouldn’t expect to rely on your smartphones camera, as unless it is a high-end model, there is a high probably that it will stop working on really hot days in Africa.

A large amount of onboard storage or easy access to a high-capacity SD card slot is vital for any camera when you are going on an African safari. After all, you want to capture as much footage as possible and probably won’t have time to review your footage during the trip and delete unwanted clips to free up space. You ideally want to have enough storage capacity to be able to shoot for 12 hours continuously for the duration of your trips. There are no computer hardware stores in African outback, so make sure you take lots of SD cards with you.

If you plan to go on a nighttime safari, you need a camera that has night vision capabilities. Devices with night-vision tend to be much more expensive, but they are worth it to photograph the activities of large wild animals at night.

Autofocus and ease of operation are essential features for shooting any type of video footage of African animals. You don’t want to miss out on capturing an elephant stampede or a lion hunting a zebra because your camera requires a lengthy setup between shots.

Above we have covered some of the features you need to keep in mind when shopping for a good digital camera for capturing safari footage. You will find lots of great buying guides and customers reviews by searching for the term “Top 6 Best Safari Camera for an African safari” using your favorite search engine. You can also check out YouTube to watch video reviews of the best safari cameras in action. Remember that technology is improving all the time so the best camera of 2012 is unlikely to still be the best camera in 2018.

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