Best Places To Visit In The Congo For An Adventurous Vacation

A trip to The Congo sounds fascinating. You are certainly excited, and this country located in Central Africa is full of exciting things to do. It is quite large and heavily populated, with over 78 million people. Did you know that the Democratic Republic of the Congo used to be known as Zaire? As you prepare for your travels, get to know the top places of interest that you might want to visit when you show up in The Congo.

Mount Nyiragongo is located in Goma, and it is a strato-volcano. Hire a park ranger and reach the summit. This excursion is going to typically take you between four and six hours according to reviews. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like to see the huge lava lake? Once you reach what’s called the crater rim, you’re going to get a good look at the lava lake, and you are going to want to take pictures. It is said to be quite the amazing experience. You want to be sure you pack properly and wear appropriate attire.

Next up is a visit to Virunga National Park, which is located in the eastern portion of The Congo, also in Goma. This is the oldest national park in all of Africa, so you’re in for a treat. You are going to see tons of wildlife, including endangered species. Virunga National Park stretches for 3000 square miles, and you can imagine it includes all different types of terrain. You’re not going to be able to see it all, but you can certainly have your once in a lifetime experience there.

Lake Kivu is also in Goma, and while there, you can go on a nice boat ride. That sounds relaxing, don’t you think? If you want to be a little more adventurous, you can opt for renting jet skis or going kite surfing. You’re going to be privy to more beautiful views, and you’re going to see quite a few bird species. It should be mentioned that the reviews say that this lake is also full of methane gas that is being pumped out.

Zongo Falls is another natural attraction that you’re going to want to see when visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You are going to love the beauty of the falls. Keep in mind that reviews say that there are plenty of people waiting there to charge you for different things. You don’t have to take every opportunity to pay, but there is an entrance fee to the falls at the very least. If you’ve ever played tourists in different parts of the world, you know what to expect.

One of the best ways to travel through Africa is via bus transport. Depending on which country you are in it can be reliable or less so. Check online to find the operators in the area you are visiting and always try to book your bus tickets before you arrive.

The Jardin Botanique de Kisantu is a wonderful place to visit in The Congo as well. Expect to spend about an hour touring the gardens there. People say that guide is gifted, and that the experience is quite pleasant. There is a large restaurant on site that people have good things to say about, too. It would make for a lovely afternoon visiting the botanical gardens and enjoying a meal. Add Jardin Botanique de Kisantu to your list.

When visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are so many opportunities for places of interest to visit. You’re going to love traveling around and exploring everything the country has to offer. You’re going to love getting to mingle with the locals and learning about the culture of The Congo as well. It’s one of the most exotic destinations in the world, and it’s one of the best places to visit in Africa. Enjoy traveling to The Congo, which will provide you with the adventure of a lifetime.